The World Social Forum and its governance: a multi-headed monster

by Francine Mestrum

The 12 th World Social Forum (WSF) took place in Tunis, two years after the ‘Arab spring’ that put an end to the old regime and put into place a government headed by Ennahda (‘renaissance movement’), an islamist political party.

The Forum was a real success, politically and in terms of participation. Regional movements and youth were massively present, Tunisians experienced a real solidarity with their revolution, and all participants witnessed the re-engagement of the WSF with its best experiences of the past.

This was badly needed! International participants, mainly from Europe and Latin America, came with a certain scepticism about the future of the process. Moreover, the WSF was followed by a meeting of its International Council (IC) where the future of the process was on the agenda. The success of the WSF has blocked all those who wanted to dissolve the IC and/or even put an end to the process itself. However, to-day, nothing has been decided, nothing has been solved, everything remains to be done.

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