World Social Forum: Appraisal and outlook of the Forum from Latin America

Gustavo Codas

ALAI AMLAT-en, 1/05/2013.- The first great spontaneous, popular rebellion at a national level against neo-liberal globalization was the Caracas Uprising of 1989. In 1992, a group of Venezuelan military rebels, led by Hugo Chavez, sought to give it a political expression…

The world of counter-hegemonic struggles and of attempts at alternatives in the 21st century is broad, very diverse all around the planet and without owners. Better that it be thus. It probably does not fit in just one space, no matter how open and flexible it might be. In this new context, if the Forum process is to be something more than an important antecedent, it has to be open, and rather than try to absorb or curtail energies with pre-established criteria, it has to define a new method which helps to liberate them. (Translation: Don Lee).

– Gustavo Codas is a Paraguayan journalist and economist, Master of International Relations.

This text is part of ALAI’s Spanish language magazine América Latina en

Movimiento No. 484,

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