A Report on the First PSF General Assembly – Ottawa, 26-27 January 2013

English report on the 26-27 January 2013 General Assembly in Ottawa (PDF)

Rapport Français sur l’Assemblee General a Ottawa les 26-27 janvier 2013

See the Rabble.ca article here


Saturday January 26th 2013

  • 10am: The political context in Canada: different initiatives proposing a common fight against the right and neoliberalism
  • 10:30am: What is a social forum and how does it function? How can it promote collaboration between social movements from Canada, Quebec and Indigenous Peoples? Role and function of the Social Movement Assembly in a Social Forum
  • 12pm: lunch break
  • 1:30pm: The Canada-Quebec-Indigenous Peoples’ Social Forum
  • What are some of the main issues: address by the founders of Idle No More
  • What regional and cross-Canada processes to lead up to a Social Forum
  • Timing: what criteria in order to decide when a Forum is held
  • Venue: what criteria in order to decide upon a venue
  • What kind of Forum: decentralized, centralized in one location ?
  • Key structures to set-up: secretariat, program committee, communicationscommittee, logistics and finance committee,
  • 4:30pm End of first session
  • 6:00 pm Reception: place to be advised

Sunday January 27th 2013

9:30am: Social Movements assembly: coalition and common action proposals (coalition and common action proposals, Common Causes, etc…)
12pm: Lunch break
1:30pm Setting up the basic structures of the Social Forum: secretariat, program committee, communications committee, logistics and finance committee, etc..
3:30pm End of second session

If you are interested in attending please RSVP to: Roger Rashi roger@alternatives.ca or Raul Burbano burbano@rogers.com before January 18th 2013.


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