Peoples’ Social Forum Summer/Fall 2014: Host Site Selection Process

Hosting the Peoples Social Forum (PSF) can be an exhilarating experience! It’s an unprecedented opportunity for your organizations and community to network with national social movement groups and build political alliances.

Over the next several weeks we will undergo a Canada-wide process to identify potential host cities and build the logistical spaces and outreach campaigns needed for a PSF across Turtle Island that can foster a convergence of grassroots, social movement groups and forces.

We are seeking applications from Regional Expansion Commissions, collectives or organizations willing to work together as anchors for the PSF in their city. Past organizing experience indicates that coordination efforts are strongest with a local group (or Regional Expansion Commission) working with several organizations sharing in the responsibilities and division of labour. This organizing will be done in conjunction with the PSF Steering Committee, and the secretariat for the day to day organizing of the Forum.

Although, social forums have traditionally been held in big cities to accommodate the large number of participants, we are open to alternative suggestions and proposals to host the forum in a less urban setting and move beyond the traditional format/space . If you have an alternative proposal for hosting the forum in a community near you please submit a proposal to us and we will consider the proposal at the next General Assembly.

The initial date proposed for the PSF will be the summer of 2014 but the exact date will be determined by the General Assembly that will be held in Edmonton, Alberta July 2nd and 3rd 2013.

Please review the following political and logistical criteria required for the consideration of the application. If you believe your city or region has the capacity to host the PSF, we invite you to submit a Site Selection Application.

To submit an expression of interest for your city to host the PSF, please send a short email with the name of the city and your organization by May 31th 2013 to the Interim Steering Committee at:

For a city to be officially considered as a site for the PSF, a written Site Selection Application must be completed by June 15th 2013, 11:59 Eastern Standard time and submitted to the Interim Steering Committee at:

The decision will be taken at the Edmonton General Assembly on July 2nd and 3rd 2013.

Site Selection Application:

(1) Political Criteria:

Regional Expansion Commissions and/or collectives interested in hosting the Peoples Forum should fulfill the following criteria:

  • A locale or city with adequate media facilities and political/economic connections to facilitate catching the attention of Canadian power brokers
  • Have experience in community building and labour organizing, commitment to movement building, base-building and intersectoral work
  • Have a base of youth, Original Peoples and grassroots organizations
  • Have collective and individual capacities, resources and experiences to work with people of colour, First Nations and immigrant communities
  • Have collective and individual capacities, resources and experiences to work on issues of race, gender, LGBT(lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender), poverty, human rights, etc.,
  • Understand mass criminalization of poor, and working class, gentrification, poverty and dispossession
  • Have the ability to support an event with multiple characteristics: pluralistic, equitable, innovative, multidisciplinary, participative, interactive, environmentally sustainable, convivial, self-organizing, artistic, technical and scientific

(2) Logistical Criteria:

Anchoring the PSF requires local organizations and cities to have an identifiable capacity to manage the logistical and political coordination of a Canada-wide convergence that draws up to 20,000 people with a variety of needs and perspectives. Eligible organizations and cities should have the capacity to meet most of the following logistical capacity criteria:

➤ Anchor organizations support and capacity:

  • Have previous experience organizing logistics for Canada-wide meetings, including travel, lodging, transportation, simultaneous French-English translation, security, food, child care, communications, media relations, budgeting, financial management, etc.
  • Have organizational capacity, strength and willingness to sustain a lengthy, weighty logistics process and outreach campaign;
  • Have a network of local and regional supports and contacts (including political, legal, financial and logistical) to assist with identified needs and services.
  • Has an ability to support and communicate with local organizations and groups that are interested in participating in the  Local Organizing Committee process.
  • Have the capacity to have multiple representatives sit on the Steering Committee, working groups and committees and to communicate back to the local and/or regional committees.
  • Be prepared to work without transnational corporate sponsorship and advertising

➤ Site venue requirements include:

  • Indoor and outdoor spaces for up to 20,000 participants.
  • Proximity to an international airport (within 30 kilometers).
  • Logistical capacity to support multiple large and small meetings, cultural events, media-technology center.
  • Communications capacity to support inter, intra and external communications among participants, media, off-site participation and networking, etc. (Internet, live streaming, web site, collection, collation and archiving of multiple workshop, artistic, cultural and other presentations, etc.)
  • Lodging options for people with the ability to pay and people with very limited means: hotels, motels, hostels, dorms, churches, solidarity housing, tents, billeting, etc.
  • Affordable public and/or private transportation (and parking) options to/from the host city and between host city meeting sites.
  • Accessible sites, facilities, transportation and lodging options for persons with disabilities.
  • Grassroots budget affordability: use of public and private facilities and vendors that offer (significantly) discounted costs to meet limited grassroots budgets.

For more information, please contact:

Roger Rashi, tel: 514-982-6606 ext 2244

Raul Burbano, tel 416-522-8615


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