Quebec Caucus Statement

Proposal submitted by the Quebec Caucus to t he January 2013 General Assembly of the Peoples’ Social Forum


  1. The objective of the Peoples’ Social Forum is to build a social movement of Indigenous people, Quebecers and Canadians
  2. To hold a centralized Social Forum in August 2014, (and encourage the organization of decentralized events prior)
  3. Work towards creating regional and/or sectoral Expansion Committees (Native peoples), which will work on: mobilization, financing, and developing a program
  4. Creation of an ad-hoc committee mandated to organize the next general assembly
    1. This committee must be representative (Native people, regional expansion commissions, women, movements);
    2. It shall propose a structure, inspired by existing examples, the objectives of our Forum and forces present, to be adopted at the next assembly;
    3. It shall support discussion and reflection of the expansion committees and foster the creation of expansion committees in regions that currently have none;
    4. It will encourage the formulation of a proposal to determine the Forum’s location, to be decided upon at the next assembly;
  5. In the coming days, a press release will be published to announce the beginning of the process and list the organizations that have committed to organizing the Peoples’ Social Forum.

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