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This preliminary version of the Forum web site is closed.
Click here to go to the new web site http://peoplessocialforum.org

Cette version preliminaire su site web du Forum es maintenant ferme.
Veillez allez au http://forumsocialdespeuples.org

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  1. Chris Williams says:

    Best wishes from Chris Williams, Adelaide, South Australia. Recently returned from the Civil society summit for the G20 (C20) in Moscow. Looking forward to joint activities we can undertaken in 2014, during Australia’s chair of the G20 group. Tweets to @will0447

  2. Paul says:

    hi! I just have a few questions

    When and where is the next general assembly?

    Who are the key organisers in Montreal?

    How will non-legal entities (i.e. community and activist collectives) be represented at the forum?

  3. Alex Justin says:

    L afrique pourra t elle participer ?

  4. Hello! I would like to know how I can participate in those events?

  5. Hello. I would like to present my film, The Sacred Run, the lotus and the feather at this event. I was just at the Sacred Water Circle. Meegwetch.

  6. Limbos says:

    Will there be simultaneous translation?

    • Bob Thomson says:

      Yes. French and English. Perhaps some wispering translation in First Nations languages depending on volunteers.

  7. sonlembi says:

    l’afrique prendra part à ce forum?
    je copte y participée.

  8. sonlembi says:

    je compte participée à ce forum

  9. sonlembi says:

    bonjour,il y a d’autres forum à l’horizon 2015?

  10. Alan Blanes says:

    The Peoples’ Social Forum must make the case for postal and public banking to all of Canada. I want to join with all other participants who want to get this done!

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